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Since the initial purge of solo ideas that was debut album “Break Bread With the Mono-Brows”, the improvement in Peter Black’s vocal ability has been exemplary. Furthermore, a deliberately measured and minimalist approach instrumentally goes to highlight the brilliant song-craft, which has always been in evidence with Peter Black’s electric amplified combos. On “Clearly You Didn’t Like The Show” it is his songwriting that has been hoisted upon a well-deserved and well-achieved pedestal. A great song is a great song, peel away the layers and see.

Witness: Live favourite “Just For A Second”. A power-pop tune with trademark Peter Black insistence and hook, “Just For A Second”, with meaty acoustic barre chords backing a superb melody that, dare one say it, could have been written for the Hard-ons. Then again, it could have been written for Alex Chilton. A great song is a great song.

Clearly You Didn’t like The Show” is stockpiled with such fine moments. Clearly a backward step artistically is out of the question for Peter Black. Clearly, Peter Black has well and truly arrived as a composer and a solo performer.



1 History Jack 2:30
2 Just For a Second 2:26
3 Freckles 3:34
4 Getting My Good Shirt Out For Court 2:16
5 Hounds Of Hell 3:07
6 This Mightn't Be The Worst Thing That I've Ever Done 2:30
7 Privileged Kids 2:09
8 My Best Means A Lot To Me 3:23
9 Almost Anything 2:17
10 Glowing Creatures 2:17
11These Lights Are Cooking 2:28
12 Paper Thin 2:21
13 Blankets 2:28
14Two Syllables 3:01